Anthem Student Registration Moodle - Anthem Com Register

By Gavin | January 02, 2019

I'm going to be doing a Webex for how students will register for connecting from their Moodle shells.

Let's login at the anthem Moodle portal, and for the instance of this particular demo we're just going to pretend that CIS 101 is a psychology course, so the student will just need to find the McGraw-hill campus button which is up here, so the course has already been set up by the instructor.

All the student needs to do is click connect next up. it's going to ask you to enter in the email address that you regularly use for school activities. If you've already got a connect account then you can set that up now. If you don't then still enter your school email. I'll just put in a fake one, and I'll clip find my account.

It says nothing's found yet, should I try another email address or should I just create a new account. It's going to tell me that I'll lose access to any courses that I've set up if I do this. I'm still going to continue all, right now I just set up my connection. I can't ask me for a security question, and then I accept the terms and continue. I've now created an account and I am into my section of Connect, so in future instances, we close everything out, you'll just go into the course.

Click on the McGraw-hill campus button, when everything loads you'll click the connect button, and it will know who you are and take you right into the course.